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How technology helped these relocation businesses grow despite Covid-19

With over 40 years of experience in the relocation industry, Singapore-based CM Relocation has helped thousands of customers move their families, homes, and lives across the globe, from Singapore to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK, just to name a few. So, helping a man and his wife move from Singapore to Sweden seemed like it would be just another feather in their cap. Until the dog came in.

收集厕纸纸筒 修理故障电器 清洁绿化人人可尽力

有些人可能认为环保绿化事不关己,其实最近能源危机造成电费高涨、气候变化带来豪雨和酷热天气,它和我们的日常生活息息相关。 如果人人能保持环境清洁、绿化,将提高新加坡的生活素质,降低疾病发生率,甚至带来经济效益。 清洁绿化并不难做到,且看看以下三位从学生到祖父级的人士,如何在日常生活中,以一步一脚印改变生活态度和环保概念。

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How to make business resilient in a pandemic

The pandemic has definitely impacted the way people work and the ways businesses operate. It’s now quite uncommon for employees to go to offices and interact with people physically on a daily basis. This new normal has compelled many companies to accelerate their digital transformation and deploy new technology. The current landscape of work – where everything is mounted online – made the need to have a strong internet connection and secure network all the more valuable. Having this in mind, PL
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